Best hosting for wordpress convesio.

I only have one recommendation, and thatʼs

best hosting for wordpress convesio

Theyʼre my top choice because:

  • Speed – the speed your page loads is a factor that Google takes into consideration for their ranking and Hosting has fast servers they own and according to independent reviewers they have superior page loading SPEED
  •  They have servers in different locations so you can choose one closer to your main audience which increases speed
  •  Their support is really good, you can get help through 24/7/365 Live Chat/Ticket support by experienced and knowledgeable agents that will happily solve any issue youʼre having, help you set up your website or email or anything else you need.
  •  Itʼs not just me saying theyʼre good, you can check customers reviews on their website; on the customer reviews site
  •, is the #1 most trusted Web hosting company and on Kevin Ohashiʼs independent 2019 WordPress hosting tests on, Hosting got 3 out 3 Top Tier Awards.
  •  If you love tech details: their servers, which they own, are underloaded super-spec servers + SSD + PHP 7.x + Caching = class-leading performance
  •  They help make the world a better place – the founder Terry Kyle has committed to making sure Hosting feeds, cares for and promote the adoption of hundreds of homeless dogs.
  •  Price wise theyʼre a great choice too, a lot more affordable than other options in the marketplace at this level.
  •  They offer free forever SSL certificates so your site will be secure (and Google loves to see this!)

Connecting your Domain and your Hosting

During the process of buying hosting for your website, you will enter the information about the domain you bought on Namecheap.

After finishing creating your account with convesio, youʼll need to go back to domain register and change the DNS of your domain so that it points to your hosting, meaning when someone enters they will arrive to your website, or technically to convesio servers.

To do this process, youʼll need to have handy the nameservers in your convesio which you can easily see inside your account:

Go to Dashboard, choose Service Details and under Server Details, youʼll see your nameservers, which will be similar to:

You need to write down both nameservers. Youʼll be entering both in your domain registrator account and they have a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots right here: 0/how-to-change-dns-for-a-domain

It will take some time for the changes to be live. it may take up to 24 hours for everyone around the world be able to see your website.

You need a WordPress website

WordPress is a Content Management Systems (CMS) that is userfriendly, flexible to your website needs, there are hundreds of themes and plugins built for it and many are available for free. You’ll also find free tutorials online about everything related to WordPress. A quick search on Youtube will find you a video tutorial that shows you how to do anything you want to. You’ll learn fast about how to update your website.

Good news, if you got a hosting account with Convesio, you have a Managed WordPress Hosting for your website!

This comes with several advantages, including being optimized for WordPress websites and including other extra services that you won’t have to worry about like malware protection, backups, etc.

If you got hosting somewhere else, check if WordPress is already installed or go and install it.

Next, you need to install a WordPress theme.

What is a Theme


“In WordPress, a theme is a collection of templates and style sheets used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website.”

A note about SSL / https

Your Convesio comes with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) so not only your visitors will be and feel safe while in your website, this is also a positive sign for Google who started flagging unsecure sites to visitors.

With an SSL installed in your website, youʼll see at the start of your website URL the extra ‘sʼ – https:// (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)

Let’s move onto the next lesson. I’ll explain in more detail how to organize your website.

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