A Title Tag Trick That Increases Traffic Instantly

I want to show you a neat little trick that will significantly increase your search engine click-through rate.

What is search engine CTR?

People are taught to craft their titles to optimize for their keywords, but they are never really told to optimize for clicks as well.

As you might know, the majority of people who search for a keyword will end up clicking on the first result. But with this trick, you can get an even higher CTR than the site that’s ranking #1 even if you’re ranking #2 or #3.

Most people who do a search for something these days, will at least glance through the top 5 results before clicking on the #1 ranked site.

That’s where we get their attention.

Do you notice anything there?

Every title and description looks the same. There’s nothing that really pops out as “Wow, that looks interesting. Let’s click on that one.”

All of them have the same format, same keywords, etc.

So here’s how to increase traffic

Method 1: Use square brackets

I use brackets for my titles. Using square brackets allow you to do a few things.

First, you can input more keywords into your title without stuffing it into your single phrase.

Second, it stands out in the search engines.

Method 2: USE CAPS for what’s inside the brackets

Nobody seems to be doing this, but it really works well.

I don’t use ALL CAPS for the entire title. That looks spammy. Instead, I only use it for what’s inside the bracket.

That helps make it stand out even more and catch the attention of whoever is skimming through the results.

It really makes a big impact on your CTR.

Method 3: Use CAPS in the last sentence of your description.

This just helps in standing out even further from the other search results.

An example

To put everything into perspective, here’s an example of a title tag I would use for the keyword “fishing tips.”

You can decide if it would look a lot more interesting when mixed into the sites currently ranking on the page.

This works whether you’re ranking #1, #2, or even #20. It works for your biggest keywords, and it works for your long-tail keywords as well.

You’ll experience more search visitors with this simple technique and it’s so simple to do.

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